Poker Game Options You Cant Avoid


If you only wish playing for money, it doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen a good or a bad provider. Because, apart from time, you have nothing to lose. But when it comes to real money, you do not want to throw money into someone’s runnings. That is too without knowing whether it’s good or not. That’s why we’ve taken over for you and dozens of providers tested. What did we pay attention to?

Trustworthiness of the provider:

What is the legal situation of the respective provider? Where are these licensed and what legal certainty do players enjoy? All of the recommended providers are licensed within the European Union. They have been operating for over ten years. After all experience so far, these providers are all considered extremely trustworthy. You can assume that the bankroll is safe with these providers.

Quality of the software:

How good is the game software of the provider and how well do you feel at the tables? Different providers offer different qualities in the software. PokerStars software is currently the best on the market as it is the most mature. There you can set an incredible amount of yourself. The tables are well arranged and it is easy to find and sort all games offered in the lobby. The software of the other providers is also neat. But looks here and there not quite as schnieke or is a bit confusing at one point or another. However, you can easily play on all sides – for play money as well as for real money. All sites also have software for mobile gaming. This is now very mature at all providers.

Selection of games:

How many players are on the site and how many different games are in offer? PokerStars is the market leader and has by a long way the most players of all sites. It also the richest offer of different variants for real money.



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